How Powerful is Your Presence as a Leader?

Are you a busy leader with a vision?

If so, you know the challenges of getting your vision across to others. What makes for effective communication as a leader, especially when you have so much going on? How do you influence others, so you enroll them into your vision for their success?

Simply using the persuasive language isn’t enough. The language you choose is just one piece, and I would argue it’s not even the most important. The critical factor is your presence, the essence of how you come across. With a powerful, centered presence, before you even say a word you draw people in. Then when you speak, you enroll others into your vision and intentions with ease.

I’m Dr. Laura Maciuika, and I am on a mission to help busy leaders stop feeling drained and frustrated as they bring their vision to others and to the world. I help leaders develop such a grounded, magnetic presence that they can get their vision across to anyone.

I invite you to take the free Powerful Presence assessment found right on this page. This quick assessment will give you a helpful overview of where to focus first to have more consistent energy, make your presence more powerful, and your communication more effective.

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